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Lake Independence now at slow no-wake level


Due to the recent heavy rains, the water level on Lake Independence has risen past the ordinary high water level for a period longer than three days, triggering a slow-no wake zone on all areas of Lake Independence. This condition will be in effect until the water level falls below the ordinary high water mark for three consecutive days.

Please note that the previous regulation of slow no-wake zones within 250' of the shoreline is no longer valid. It was amended by the ciries of Medina and Independence in 2014 and the now includes a slow no-wake zone on the entire lake. The amended ordinance is available here

Violations should be reported to the Hennepin County Water Patrol at 612-596-9880.

Lake Independence sees spring crappie die off


A large number of dead crappies have been seen floating or washed ashore around the lake. LICA has reported this to the Minnesota DNR and we expect to hear back shortly with more information or next steps. Information on crappie spring die-off is available on the MN DNR website and is commonly caused by Columnaris disease which is a natural occurrence and only affects a small percentage of the fish in the lake. There is no known cure, but is believed to have little effect on the long-term health of the fish population. LICA will send out updates to members as we receive them.

Archived news is available on our news page.